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Score!!! Glasses are Your MVP for Sports

Whether you’re dribbling the ball down the court or running past a defender on the field your glasses can feel like a nuisance. Despite wanting to chuck them to the side, it’s important to keep wearing your glasses to protect your eyes. Even athletes who don’t normally wear prescription glasses sometimes wear sports eyewear to enhance vision and play better.

Every year 40,000 eye injuries related to sports and recreation occur, and over 90% of them can be prevented with the proper use of sports eyewear. Some of the most common products include shatter-proof frames and lenses, as well as polycarbonate lenses. UV protection can also be added to polycarbonate lenses, protective goggles, and helmet lenses to prevent eye damage caused by the sun.


You can find different lens tints and protective sports eyewear depending on what sport you play. For example:


  • Baseball and softball: When batting and base running, it’s important to wear a helmet with attached polycarbonate face shield to protect your glasses from the ball. When fielding, sports goggles or sport sunglasses with shatter-proof lenses and an attached head strap will provide protection and enhanced vision on the field.
  • Basketball: Wraparound sports goggles or glasses help to keep glasses on.
  • Football: A polycarbonate shield attached to the helmet protects your glasses from breaking when tackled.
  • Soccer: Sports goggles are preferred to make sure they stay on.
  • Track and Field: Lightweight wraparound sport frames with polycarbonate lenses protect your eyes against wind and debris that other competitors may kick into the air.


If you wear the right ones, sports eyewear won’t distract you from winning big time – they can even enhance your performance. Talk with your doctor to discuss if sports eyewear is suitable for you, and go team, GO!