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Pool Day? Slip on Your Goggles!

Before you make a splash this season, grab your goggles before jumping in the pool! Wearing correct eye wear is necessary for maintaining healthy eyes- even when you are taking a swim!

The idea of wearing goggles is often overlooked by people who swim for fun or recreation. However, wearing goggles for a casual swim can significantly help your eyes avoid the drying effects of pool chemicals.

If you enjoy swimming, your eyes have probably experienced the dry, burning feeling that occurs during or after a swim. Eye irritation or “swimmer’s eye” caused by chlorine, the chemical used in pools to fight bacteria and algae, can occur when your eye is exposed to pool water. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), 42 percent of swimmers open their eyes while in the pool.  Children especially need to protect their eyes while swimming, as their eyes are more sensitive.

Pool chemicals deteriorate your tear film, which will cause water to evaporate from this film, leaving your eyes unlubricated and exposed.Chlorine in the eyes can also result in the condition called chemical conjunctivitis, which inflames the eye with redness, irritation, itching, and tearing in the eye. The best way to avoid these uncomfortable sensations is to throw on a pair of goggles before you dive in! Look for a pair with polarized lenses, which will help protect from UV damage and reflections.

If you do by chance get water in your eyes while swimming, don’t fret. Just be sure to flush them out with cool fresh water afterwards. Applying saline drops will also help refresh and hydrate your eyes back to normal.

Enjoy your summer swims and be sure to pick up an awesome pair of goggles before heading to the pool.