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National Eyecare Awareness Month

National Eyecare Awareness Month is the perfect time to not just think about your eye health, but how it affects you and your family’s overall health.

If you have children, talk to them about their eyesight. Are they having any problems in school? Not seeing a blackboard well or even difficulty being coordinated during sporting events can be a sign of eye problems. Learning can be impacted greatly by eye health. A visual learner who is having eye sight problems may have trouble with memorization, including multiplication tables and math problems, drawing things out like maps or charts, or understanding colors. Being tired at school is also a sign that students should get their eyes checked out. Tired eyes can indicate farsightedness, which can lead to a variety of conditions ranging from crossed eyes, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. A comprehensive eye exam is important to detecting conditions, but you have to teach your children to openly discuss symptoms with their eye doctor or other medical professional involved. Some conditions do need this information for proper diagnosis. Be with your children at the appointment with notes on anything they told you earlier about how they’re feeling and what tasks and activities are being affected.

For yourself, think about any symptoms you are experiencing that could mean you need a new prescription. For example, headaches can be sign that a new eyeglasses prescription is needed.  However, there are more serious problems that may be detected because of eye health. For instance, diabetes and high blood pressure can be indicated by blurry or irritated eyes. Neck strain while working in front of a computer can also be linked to eye strain. While thinking about eye strain, it’s good idea to also consider workplace ergonomics. Proper workplace ergonomics can reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders. Performing repetitive activities without taking breaks, exerting excessive force, poor posture, or staring at a computer screen for too long can lead to health complications.

Getting annual comprehensive eye exams is important to your overall health. If you are currently seeing a physician for a condition such as diabetes, be sure to tell your doctor about any eye conditions or symptoms. Overall health is interconnected with all aspects of your physical well-being. Remember at times such as National Health Education Week to do an inventory of how the overall healthy and eye health of you and your family is affecting your lives, so you can take action to be the healthiest person and family you can be.