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Learning Styles - How Does Your Child Learn?

Your little one is unlike anyone else in the whole world, so why should you expect her to learn like everyone else?  With school around the corner, ask yourself – how does my child learn best?

Learning styles have been broken into three main categories: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Your child will most likely fit comfortably into one of these categories:Visual learners – These kids digest information by observing and are likely to ask you to show them how to do something or how something works. These types of learners understand information much better when there are visual supplements involved.

Signs of a visual learner:

  • Loves to draw things out, such as maps or lists
  • Strong memory when using color or image clues

Auditory learners – These students understand information best when it is communicated verbally. They are usually gifted with words and language, doing well in oral situations. They understand and respond to verbal direction. Overall, they tend to be abstract and conceptual thinkers.

Signs of an auditory learner:

  • Read aloud to themselves
  • Understand concepts put to music

Kinesthetic learners – These kids are usually more active than others and excel by touching, feeling, and experiencing the material. They are the explorers who want to physically gather information and learn hands-on.

Signs of a kinesthetic learner:

  • They like puzzles and building things
  • Like to experiment and explore

One thing each of these learning styles has in common is the use of vision. Eighty percent of learning in a child’s first 12 yearscomes through his eyes. That makes clear vision an important factor in how your child learns, no matter what style he uses.

Take the first step toward helping your child succeed this year and schedule a back to school eye exam. No matter what style learner she is, it’s evident that clear vision is key to getting your child to the front of the class based on performance and NOT because she can’t see the board!


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