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How To Max Fashion from Sunglasses - Gradients and Mirrors

When it comes to picking the coolest looking pair of sunglasses, there are so many different colors and lens coatings available that it can almost be impossible to decide which one is right for you. But those fashion choices don’t just affect how you look – they also change how you see!

So what kind of sunglasses best suit your needs? Here’s a quick guide to the function behind the fashion.

Making the Gradients

Instead of having a uniform tint, gradient lenses are darker at the top and lighter at the bottom. This makes them ideal for driving, as sunglasses with gradient lenses protect the eye from sunlight coming in from above, while leaving the vision clear below to see the road and your dashboard. For outdoor activity, though, you may want to consider double gradient lenses, which have darker tints at both the top and bottom of the lens, protecting against light reflecting from below off of water, sand, or snow.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirrored lenses, besides looking cool, also help protect the eye by reflecting excess light away. This is particularly useful for outdoor activity on sunny days, such as skiing or sailing. But if you had your heart set on a certain color, don’t worry; mirrored lenses are now available in a wide array of hues, not just the traditional silver.

All the Colors of the Rainbow

While the color of your lenses won’t really affect the ability of your sunglasses to block light or protect you from dangerous ultraviolet rays, it can impact your vision in more ways than just as a fashion statement.

·         Gray lenses are the purest shade you can get, as gray’s neutral tone means your perception of color will not be distorted by the tint of your lenses.

·         Green lenses also feature low color distortion, but with sharper contrast than gray lenses.

·         Yellow lenses provide greater contrast in foggy, hazy, or overcast situations, and at night.

·         Red lenses also help improve contrast, but are better suited for bright, sunny conditions.

·         Brown and Amber lenses provide superior depth perception. They can also help block blue wavelengths, giving greater contrast to certain colors, such as green – which is particularly helpful for golfers.

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