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How green are your glasses?

Many of us try to live an eco-friendly, “green” lifestyle.  We’re cautious about gas efficiency, we keep lights turned off when not in use, and we even take our own shopping bags to the store. Another easy way to decrease your carbon footprint, while also protecting the health of your family’s eyes, is to look for glasses that are manufactured with 100 percent recyclable materials. While there are eco-friendly frame choices available, remember to also consider the environmental impact of your lenses. Ask your eye doctor about Airwear® lenses that are manufactured using 100 percent recycled water and packaged in 100 percent recyclable cardboard. This particular manufacturing process eliminates 460,000 pounds of plastic packaging waste per year and conserves millions of gallons of water annually.Essilor’s eco-friendly practices also consider the inevitable waste produced when making lenses. Instead of throwing out excess materials, the waste from the production of Airwear lenses is given a second life in the creation of other products such as automobiles, pens and toys.