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Eyelash Color Tinting – Is It Safe?

If you’re constantly applying (and re-applying) mascara to give your light colored eyelashes a lift, the idea of a more permanent solution to darken your eyelashes may be enticing. Many spas and beauty salons have started offering eyelash color tinting services, which use permanent dyes to give you at least a couple of month’s reprieve from mascara wearing. And now there are even at-home kits designed to let you tint your own lashes!

For this beauty treatment, a cotton swab is placed under the lashes to avoid getting dye on the under-eye area, and dye is carefully applied to the lashes for just a few minutes before being rinsed away.

While long-lasting darker lashes sound tempting, you may just want to stick with the mascara. Experts warn that the use of dyes so close to your eyes may put your vision at risk. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration has not approved the use of any dyes other than mascara on eyelashes or eyebrows and warns that using dye that close to your eye could permanently damage your vision. This warning includes dyes used by salons and spas—including vegetable-based or organic dyes. If the dye gets into your eyes, you risk serious infection, eye inflammation or even blindness. In fact, several states have made it illegal to tint eyelashes due to the dangers it presents, and salons that offer eyelash tinting risk disciplinary action for doing so.

So what’s the bottom line? While eyelash tinting may sound like a quick fix to light lashes, you should probably just stick to mascara to give your lashes a lift. After all, your vision and eye health is far too important to risk in the pursuit of beauty.