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Comprehensive Eye Exam: What You Can Expect

Millions suffer from a wide variety of vision problems, many of them preventable or curable by a comprehensive eye exam. Among the many reasons to visit the eye doctor, a yearly exam can potentially identify dozens of eye and other physical health problems early on. Such conditions include glaucoma, scotomas (“blind spots”), high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

What You Can Expect
A typical comprehensive eye exam includes these tests, though your eyecare professional can tell you more about the specific tests he or she runs:

• Visual Acuity
• Retinoscopy
• Refraction
• Ophthalmoscopy
• Tonometry (“Air Puff Test”)
• Visual Field Test

Children also need comprehensive eye exams. The American Optometric Association points out that annual vision screeningsin schools may miss important signs of poor vision, which can have negative consequences. In 2008, the AOA said that 10 million school children are affected with vision conditions “that can negatively affect learning.”

Learn more in this video about how a comprehensive eye exam can benefit your overall health.