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Clearing the Fog: a day with OptiFog lenses

We recently conducted a study among eyeglass-wearers to determine how frequently they experience unexpected temporary blindness due to foggy glasses. Not surprisingly, the majority of respondents agreed that fog on glasses cause frustration, annoyance and even vulnerability.

The answer? Fog-free glasses with Optifog lenses. These state-of-the-art specs boast an exclusive anti-fog property. Wearers activate the anti-fog property on the lenses by simply applying a drop of activator to each side of the lenses once a week. The lenses’ anti-fog coating durably retains the activator, preventing fog from appearing.

Optifog lenses are the perfect solution for anyone who constantly requires clear vision. Are Optifog lenses the solution you’ve been searching for? Take a peek at this video to see the difference Optifog lenses can make in your daily routine.