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National Eyecare Awareness Month


National Eyecare Awareness Month is the perfect time to not just think about your eye health, but how it affects you and your family’s overall health.

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Tips to Reduce Eye Strain from Phones, Tablets


Eye strain from our digital devices affects most of us, as more than 4 out of 5 Americans spend time in front of a computer or on mobile devices.

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Is Excellent Vision Required for Your Occupation?


Some occupations require more from our eyes than others.

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Are Vision Problems Limiting Your Child’s...


With the start of the new school year behind us – what steps can you take to ensure your child is equipped with the best vision possible?

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4 Ways to Be a Computer Hacker for Digital Eye...


It’s time you learn to hack your computer — this is the Digital Age after all.

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Pack Your Kids these Healthy Snacks to Boost...


Parents are geared up and are planning efficient timetables, worrying over what classes are scheduled, and making sure the right after-school programs are...

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Avoid Brain Strain with Brain Training


When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, staying mentally active is just as important as regular physical exercise.

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Back-to-School Tips You Haven’t Thought Of


You already have the kids stationery lists and other things sorted. But there are a few back-to-school tips that you might not yet have considered.

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Think Twice Before You Buy Those Cheap Sunglasses


It’s time for one of the indisputable laws of the universe to kick in: the more expensive your sunglasses are, the more likely you are to lose them.

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Eyeglass Lenses that Block Harmful Blue Light and...


By selectively blocking harmful blue light and ultraviolet rays, our lenses help prevent the early occurrence of certain eye impairments and diseases.

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