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Are Vision Problems Limiting Your Child’s Performance?

With the start of the new school year behind us – what steps can you take to ensure your child is equipped with the best vision possible? Get off to a good start with the following tips:

Schedule an Eye Exam
The best way to keep your children’s eyes healthy is to schedule comprehensive eye exams. Annual vision screenings provided by schools can miss important signs of poor vision, leading to negative consequences.  Therefore, it’s necessary to have your children visit yourpreferred eye doctor, even if they have gone through vision screenings at school.

Get the Facts
Between comprehensive eye exams, check your family’s medical history for certain conditions that could affect your child. Also, brush up on your knowledge of common eye disorders in children, such as lazy eye.

Check for Warning Signs
Looking at digital devices not only affects adults, it also causes problems with children’s vision. Check your child for common symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome regularly. Be on the watch for visual warning signs and behavioral warning signs that can indicate if your child is suffering from vision problems. Importantly, ask your child’s teacher if any issues with near vision tasks have been noticed.

Take Action:

  • Limit your kids to one hour a day on digital devices, or have them take a substantial break from digital devices every hour.
  • Take note of allergy alerts and take action to help protect your family from seasonal eye allergies.
  • Always make sure your children are equipped with the proper protective eyewear when playing sports.

Ask your eye doctor about polycarbonate lenses like Airwear to keep your children’s eyes protected at all times.