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7 Common Holiday Spots you could Lose Your Glasses

As you head off the Easter Holidays, you’d think something as essential as eyeglasses would be hard to leave behind—but eyeglasses turn up in the lost and found more often than you’d expect. Where are people most likely to lose their lenses? These are the danger zones, so be cautious if you’re tempted to take off your glasses in any of these locations:

  • Amusement park rides: Whether they slip off during that unexpected upside down loop on a roller coaster, or you take them off to avoid that and have them slip out of your pocket instead, amusement park rides are one of the most common spots where eyeglass wearers drop their frames.
  • Airplanes: Slipping your glasses into the seatback pocket when you catch a few Zzzs on your flight is a surefire way to part ways with them.
  • Boating: That constant splash of water against your lenses may encourage you to take your glasses off, which exposes you to harmful UV rays that lenses like Xperio UV block – not to mention there’s a possibility they’ll go overboard.
  • At the pool or beach: You can’t take a good swim with your glasses intact. But taking off your frames means that you just may leave them behind when you’re waterlogged.
  • Rental cars: You swap your eyeglasses for your sunglasses—and forget your frames in the rental’s glove compartment.
  • Restaurant: Whether the romantic vibe encourages you to take off your glasses, or you pull out your reading-only specs to peruse the menu, waiters often find a pair of forgotten frames alongside their tip.
  • Sports and other activities: A basketball or racquetball could lead to broken glasses, especially if you don’t have polycarbonate lenses, so you’ll be likely to take them off for your next pickup game. (And you may forget they’re in the gym locker or under the bleachers when the game is through.)


Fortunately, there are ways to avoid saying sayonara to your favorite frames.

  • Put them away properly. Always put your frames somewhere where it’ll be hard to leave them behind. Put them in a pocket you can secure, in the car’s glove compartment, or in your (or your significant other’s) purse. No seatback pockets or next-to-the-waterglass perch for you!
  • Wear an eyeglass retainer. They’ve gotten a lot more stylish than the librarian chains of yore—and they’ll make sure that your glasses stay with you, even on the wildest rides.
  • Use tech to track it. Lost your glasses? There’s an app for that. Attach a tiny clip to your frames, and if you misplace them, simply log into the app. It’ll map out where you left them behind—and beep to help you locate them.
  • Have a spare pair handy. Sometimes, a lost pair of eyeglasses is inevitable, so you need to be ready for that to happen. Whether you hold on to an older pair or just get two pairs the next time you head in for an eye exam, it’ll at least help you see clearly until you can replace the pair you lost.