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6 Ways Wearing Glasses Can Enhance Your Life

Picture in your mind’s eye these personalities: Elvis Costello, Gloria Steinem and Bono (and for a smile, toss in Groucho Marx). All of their faces have a distinctive element: their glasses are a central component of their image. But you don’t need to be a superstar to enjoy how eyeglasses can enrich your life.

Let’s look at six ways that glasses enhance life:

Glasses can correct a wide range of eye weaknesses and bring the wonders of the world into sharp focus. They’re less expensive and much easier than fumbling with contact lenses (and their cases and cleansers). And much easier than—yikes!—surgery.

Glasses come in mighty handy when there’s a sharp wind, an errant insect, or even someone poking a finger at your face. Specs can block objects from hitting your precious eyes: if you’ve ever had something harmlessly bounce off your lenses, thank your glasses for being always there for you.

Glare, UV rays and harsh angles of light can tire and even damage your eyes. But the right kind of lenses can effectively tame those eyeball enemies. Even when you’re not really concentrating on seeing something, your glasses are working for you.

With advancements like progressive lenses,  scratch-resistant anti-reflective coatings, and very thin, durable lens materials, your glasses can be customized to your exact needs. And researchers are working right now to make them even better!

The right glasses can make you appear scholarly or serious, contemplative or flirty. Having different pairs lets you quickly change your look: go from mysterious to intimidating to approachable.

You can take them off and polish them when you aren’t ready to answer something, or you can give them a calm wave in the air for that pregnant pause before you make a declaration. Fiddle with them when you are nervous to calm yourself down; remember to peer out from under them to give yourself that charmingly wry look.

And don’t forget: glasses can cover up those annoying crow’s feet, and any under-eye circles from long nights.

A good pair of glasses will do many things right for you. Set your sights on the right pair during your next comprehensive eye exam.