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5 Must Have Eyewear Accessories

All you glasses-wearers out there have probably heard or experienced this story at least once in your life. One evening after work as you sit down to relax, you accidentally break your glasses that were left on the couch cushion. “Why me!?!” is probably your first response.

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A glasses case is one eyewear accessory on a long list of items which could help you avoid such an experience. Check out these five convenient and fashionable accessories that might help you in the future.

1. Cases
If you wear glasses, a case is one of the most essential accessories. It protects your spectacles during your travels or really any time they aren’t on your face. If you don’t want to use the standard issue glasses case you most likely got from your eye doctor, you’ll find there are lots of other options in the marketplace.

A case for your sunwear is equally important. Here are some fun, oversized cases that might fit larger lens sunglasses.

Chevron Print from Etsy

Glasses ON Your Glasses Case

Available in a variety of colors

2. Croakies
Another useful accessory for your glasses’ safety is a cord or strap – croakies.  This will provide protection and convenience especially for children or during activities such as fishing, biking, or boating.

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There are many different categories and materials of croakies: nylon cords, leather straps, metal chains and adjustable or not… All you have to do is to choose the most suitable accessory for you.

Vineyard Vines: Available in a variety of colors

Available at REI

Great for Spring from Lilly Pulitzer

3. Cleaner
Cleaning your glasses is important for good vision.
The most common cleaners are wipes and sprays. It allows cleaning your glasses without scratching lenses. Buying these products in specialized stores is advisable for a better quality of cleaning.

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4. Clip-on shades
Clip-on shades are tinted lenses which could be clip-on your prescription eyeglasses, and offer a nice alternative to your sunglasses. When considering clip-ons, make sure you choose polarized shades to protect your eyes.

5. Reading lights
Perfect for activities close to the face, thinking about a reading lamp that clips directly on your prescription glasses.  These small lights provide a discreet source of light at night or for specific pieces of work.