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5 Makeup Mistakes While Wearing Glasses

Aside from helping you see better, the best part of wearing glasses is they create a picture frame to highlight your beautiful eyes. However, since your eyes are center stage, you have to make sure your eyes are ready for the spotlight.

Here are the five best tips for avoiding makeup mistakes while wearing glasses:

1. Avoid mascara on your lower lashes.
Even if you’ve had a perfect night’s sleep, dark makeup on your lower lashes can cast a shadow that resembles bags underneath your eyes. Instead, show off your better lid by using dark mascara on your upper lashes.

2. Don’t choose an eye shadow that’s the exact same color as your frames.
Imagine if you saw a white or black window framed by the same color. It would look a bit odd and not really highlight the view through the window. In this case, the view is of your beautiful eyes.

Bobbi Brown, makeup pro and author of “Everything Eyes” was recently interviewed by Huffington Post. She offered advice for women thinking about trying to match their frame color to their eye shadow shade. “If you want to do the same color as your frames on your eyelids, try a base hue that’s a shade lighter, and go a few shades darker for the crease color. Finish with black liner and mascara,” she said.

3. Prevent mascara smudge marks on your glasses.
For women with glasses, curling the eyelashes protects us from those annoying smudge marks that can appear as lashes tap our glasses. To keep your eyelashes healthy, avoid pulling on the eyelid.

4. Remember to smooth out moisturizers and creams.
Don’t over apply moisturizer, and make sure what you do use is thoroughly applied. Any spots that are a different color than your face, especially around your eyes, will appear more dramatically when viewed through glasses.

5. Don’t forget your brows!
Well-waxed or tweezed eyebrows can not only highlight your eyes and frame your face, but they take the least amount of maintenance. After all, waxes are done every few weeks, compared to mascara which is applied every day. If you choose to tweeze your brows at home, check out this article from Shape for great tweezing tips.

For more eye makeup inspiration, check out these pictures of women pairing their spectacles with different lip and eye makeup.  And, for the clearest view to your eyes, make sure your lenses are scratch and smudge-proof and protect against glare.