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4 Ways to Make Time for Exercise – and its surprising effect on your Eyes

We know the excuse – “I don’t have enough time in my day to add a workout routine.” What if your ability to see was impacted by your level of exercise? Would that motivate you to start working out? Well, guess what – there’s another important reason to exercise beyond fitting into your skinny jeans.

recent study found that people who maintain an active lifestyle are 70 percent less likely to develop age-related macular degeneration, deterioration of the eye’s retina that leads to vision loss. On top of that, the development of cataracts — cloudy areas in the eye — can be reduced by 50 percent through exercise.

How Does Exercise Benefit Eye Health?
Exercise increases blood flow to all the tissues of the body, including the eyes. Improved circulation resulting from aerobic exercise stimulates the elimination of toxins from the tissues of the eye.

4 Ways to Make Time for Exercise:

  • Track Your Time – For two days, keep track of exactly how you spend your time; it turns out that Americans have nearly twice as much downtime as we think we do. You might find extra time in hidden chunks through the day.
  • Don’t Try to Be Perfect – Prioritize your time. Leave the dishes in the sink for one night, so you can take care of yourself.
  • Step Away from the Computer – Studies show that email and online chatting are time-sucks, with email breaks averaging 10 minutes and chat conversations averaging eight minutes. Turn off new message alerts, and you might find some time to work out.
  • Fill Your Time Gaps – As the saying goes, every little bit counts. Find time for quick exercises while doing other household activities, like cooking dinner and watching television.

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What you eat can also impact your vision; so, in addition to exercise, try to add nutrient-rich foods like spinach, salmon, and almonds to your diet to maintain your eye health.