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3 Easy Tips for Wearing Glasses at the Beach

The sun is shining and your beach bag is packed with the essentials – sunscreen, beach towel, magazines, and of course, sunglasses. Your sunglasses can be a vital part of your day at the beach, not only as a fashion statement or to protect your eyes, but for those of us who have a prescription, to help you see, too. Before you race out the door to soak up the sun, follow these simple tips to ensure a stress-free and healthy beach experience:

Make sure your sunglasses – and clear, everyday glasses – have a scratch-resistant coating

At the beach, sand gets on everything! Sand can be harsh on your lenses and easily scratch them. Your eye doctor can suggest high-quality, scratch-resistant lenses to fit your stylish frames.


Look for sunglasses with UV protection

90 percent of skin cancer occurs on the face and neck, with 5-10 percent occurring on the eyelids, so protect your eyes – and your children’s eyes – and the delicate skin around them with sunglasses that block 99-100 percent of UV rays and provide the highest level of Eye-Sun Protection Factor available.

When they’re not on your face, keep glasses in their case

Storing your glasses in a case not only protects them from getting scratched by the sand but also prevents damage from someone accidentally stepping on them.

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